Explainer: Vocabulary used in /r/the_donald

The New York Times recently ran a piece called “Reddit and the God Emperor of the Internet” about a pro-Trump online community called The_Donald on Reddit. The purpose of the article was to explain to non-Redditors what The_Donald is, who populates this community, and some of the specialized vocabulary used by its 300,000+ members.

It’s a pretty good article, but it’s missing some important things. I’m going to expand their analysis, but first let me give you some quick backstory about how I got involved in this stuff. Back in March, during the presidential primaries, I realized could not name any real live Trump supporters from my various friend circles. I could not think of a single friend in real life or in social media that had mentioned liking Trump or supporting him. And yet he kept winning, so I was really confused. Who is voting for this guy? Am I being pranked? Trump voters must exist, but why haven’t I met any? If they’re not talking to me, who are they talking to?

So, I decided that my social media must be an echo chamber, and decided to find some Trump supporters elsewhere. At this point, I was already a Reddit user, but I had mainly posted in computer science-related subreddits, and occasionally wandered into the SandersForPresident subreddit. But everyone on Reddit seemed to know about The_Donald, the subreddit that was ground zero for mocking Bernie supporters, starting flamewars with the Hillary “shills”, and trying to get their “spicy” Trump meme images promoted to Reddit’s front page. Since I study online software development communities in my academic research, it seemed natural for me to collect data about The_Donald, just like I would do in my normal research.

The first thing I noticed about The_Donald is the highly specialized vocabulary used by the in-group. The learning curve is not terribly steep, but there is definitely a set of jargon that is used to signify belonging. The NYT article touches on some of the terms, but here are my additions:

  1. Centipede. A Trump supporter. Abbreviation: ‘pede. Origin: this video (“Pede” should not be confused with pedo, see #pizzagate) Example headline: Fox and Friends: “Trump leading ALL OVER” Fellow ‘Pedes ITS HAPPENING!!!
  2. Based. Adjective used to give very high praise, especially when applied to someone who is acting in support of Trump. Example: PENNSYLVANIA FLIPPING RED – BASED AMISH TO THE RESCUE
  3. CTR. Short for “Correct the Record”. CTR is a Hillary superpac the purpose of which is to create “shill” accounts on social media. These shill accounts downvote Trump postings and upvote Hillary postings. CTR is very hated by Based Centipedes. Example: You know we are winning because CTR shills are being TRIGGERED left and right. Don’t let them divide us! THEY HAVE NO POWER HERE!
  4. Plant lady, based plant lady. A nickname for Jill Stein, who The_Donald users inexplicably, simultaneously both respected and reviled. “Based Grandma” is another synonym. Example: “BASED PLANT LADY Jill Stein ALL BUT ENDORSES TRUMP! Trump is for PEACE! 
  5. Crooked. Short for Crooked Hillary, Trump’s nickname for her.
  6. Coats. When you publicly affirm your support for Trump, you are given a coat. Example: Give this man a coat! This comes from an early Trump rally where he asked security to confiscate a protestor’s coat.
  7. pol is short for /pol/ which is a board on 4chan devoted to being politically incorrect. Lots of overlap between /pol/ and The_Donald. Please don’t go to /pol/. I warned you.
  8. Cucks. Short for cuckold. Refers to a person who is not a Trump supporter, especially one who “should” be, for example a man who doesn’t support Trump, or a media figure who is giving Trump a hard time. Alternate forms: cuckservative (a conservative who doesn’t follow Trump). Origin: comes from #GamerGate
  9. SJW. Short for social justice warrior. Origin: comes from #GamerGate
  10. Nimble navigator. This is a synonym for based centipede. Origin: this Youtube video describing centipedes as nimble navigators, overlaid with Trump video captures
  11. Autists. This refers to “person who has so many great computer skills, i.e. for hunting info, they must be autistic.” Alternates: weaponized autists. Example: Weaponized autists on /pol/ compile 400+ page document exposing Crooked Shillary! SPREAD THIS LINK LIKE WILDFIRE, AND THEN KEEP SPREADING IT!
  12. The best. “We have the best ____ don’t we folks?” Fill in with any noun. Comes from “I have the best words” and other Trumpist use of “the best”. Example: We have the best autists, don’t we folks?
  13. Spez. /u/spez is the username of the CEO of Reddit. Roundly hated and criticized by The_Donald community. To use this in a sentence, they may claim he is a  – vocabulary test incoming – SJW cuck whose company is set up to shill for Hillary using money from CTR. This revulsion and hatred for Spez got turned up to 11 over the Thanksgiving weekend when Spez revealed that he had abused his power as CEO of Reddit to edit the comments of some The_Donald members.
  14. High energy – very high praise. Opposite of “low energy” (as in Low Energy Jeb, Trump’s nickname for Jeb Bush during the primaries).
  15. White wolf and Silver Fox. These are nicknames for Mike Pence. Example: Let’s take a moment to give our thanks to Mike Pence, the White Wolf. It wasn’t too hard to annihilate the Creepy Kaine in the debates, but it was crucial nonetheless
  16. MAGA. Perhaps obvious, but stands for Make America Great Again. This is a greeting and a goodbye, kind of like Aloha.
  17. Reeeeee and Pepe. Pepe is a cartoon frog that is used by Trump supporters as a leading figure in their memes. It is also used in some white nationalist communities, but did not originate as a racist figure. The sound Pepe makes in anger is “Reeeee”.
  18. Tendies. This is a tough one. Tendies is short for chicken tenders. The origin of tendies is very complex, but supporters use it to mean an immature person, such as a whiny Bernie supporter who wants free stuff and lives in his mothers basement, eating tendies and getting “good boy points” for being nice. An example would be this headline: Trump doesn’t eat mommies tendies. He eats real fried chicken from a bucket of American KFC he bought himself!
  19. MSM. The mainstream media.
  20. Red pilled. Happens to people when they find out too much about the lies told to them by “normies” (normal people) and the MSM. Origin: The Matrix – Neo takes the Red Pill and finds out that he has been serving as a human battery.

Another thing that was very interesting to me was a type of initiation ritual that was developed for former Bernie supporters to pledge their allegiance to Trump. The ritual goes like this: first, the “afterberner” publicly declares his support for Trump by posting on The_Donald. Next, as part of that post, the afterberner disavows Bernie Sanders. Finally, the afterberner is welcomed onto “The Trump Train” and given a coat (see #6 in the vocabulary list above).

Aside from initiating new members, The_Donald posters primarily spend their time generating memes, criticizing opponents, and sharing and commenting on links. Near the end of the general election process, some of the more weaponized autists (see #11 above) donated substantial time to working on Wikileaks, specifically in finding anti-Hillary evidence within the leaked Podesta emails. I was also working on the Wikileaks emails, so I noticed them a lot. Their presence on the DNCLeaks and WikiLeaks subreddits was definitely noticed and not always appreciated.

In a prior posting I compared some of the language and beliefs of participants on The_Donald to other online communities, such as free and open source software communities, some white supremacist online communities, and the alt-right media.